For the new town hall in the municipality of Wijchen (Gelderland, The Netherlands), JOOS designed wall coverings. These designs are commissioned by architects ‘De Twee Snoeken’.

Photography: Yvonne Lukkenaar

Six prominent walls are lined with this abstract wallpaper (grey/ochre). The design is based on the coöperation between the eight villages of the municipality. The villages are the pillars that form Wijchen and they are together as one.

ClearView glass foil on partition wall on the ground floor (15 mtr. wide)
One of the wishes form the Mayor was that he wanted this new town hall to work as transparent as possible. This illustration is with a nod to the Mayor’s wish. The design on this partition wall is transparent. In consultation with the client the choice was made to add silhouettes to show the diversity of the community. The transparency of the people differs, it indicates that no one is the same.

Photo wall in the waiting room
Illustration of the castle of Wijchen which you can also find in the background as hundreds of tiny silhouettes. In the front there are abstract illustrations that refer to the landscape of the municipality; meadows, the river, afforestation. The colours are carefully chosen to fit both the landscape and the rest of the interior design.

ClearView glass foil on consultation rooms on the ground floor
Eight other illustrations were made for consultation rooms. Each room represents another village of the municipality of Wijchen by showing a landmark of that particular village. The landmark is build up out of tiny silhouettes of itself. It is surrounded by abstract illustrations of the landscape you can find in this region. This illustration continues seamlessly into the next one.

Alverna – windmill

Wijchen – castle

Leur – Huis te Leur (Baron’s house)

Hernen – castle

Bergharen – chapel

Batenburg – castle ruin

Niftrik – church

Balgoij – church



Architect De Twee Snoeken s'Hertogenbosch



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